UAE Top Most Ecommerce Kreek with New Partnerns for Growth

UAE Fastest Growing Ecommerce As we all know that the Business-to-Business market is changing and growing in this 21st century. This advancement and change make it a great time to have partnerships with a Business-to-Consumer-only model since they have better knowledge of what matters to the company. What's more, what makes a difference is frequently an alternate arrangement of elements and using the knowledge in a better way.

As a B2B company, we Search in Mena company initially and slowly wants to adopt e-commerce with the help of having a strategic partnership with Kreek, which is one of the best B2C company. During the partnership with Kreek, we will be sharing sales opportunities with them. By working with Kreek, we will be able to take advantage of the direct relationships that are needed to prospect, close, grow and maintain our B2B sales vertical. We certainly think that partnerships like this are going to be mutually beneficial and allow Kreek which is a B2C comp…